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Macklemore – Same Love

This is a youtube video that I made back in may of 2014.

This video has a lot of special meaning to me. Both personally and in other ways.

I made this video back before when no one knew I was gay or a furry and both were seen as bad things. This was back before gay marriage was legal and furries had very bad media representation. Not that their media representation is much better now but it’s made progress.

One reason this video is special to me is because it gave me an escape to something positive and the fandom gave me a feeling of acceptance and it did the same for many of the people who watched it too.

Furry Fandom

Old Fursuit Head

This is a picture of an old fursuit head me and my grandmother tried to make about 2 years ago with a reference sheet we were using for my fursona right underneath it. Both the head and reference sheet are a bit out of date by now. We also scrapped the plan of making the rest of the suit for now because the head didn’t look “cartoony” enough in style for what I wanted in my suit. Although I am planning on revamping both the ref sheet and the entire fursuit from scratch once I get together with my cousin in a few months because she offered to help me build a new suit.



Furry Fandom

The Fluff About Furries

Many people are curious what a furry actually is and what the furry fandom is about, along with the social normal within the fandom and around fur-cons. (or furry conventions) I find people are also curious as to why they’re in the fandom along with what furries normally do within the fandom and whether you’re a long time furry or don’t know what the fandom is I thought this video would be a great topic starter to see what your guys opinions are on furries and what they do from cons, to fursuits and everything inbetween.

Video credit: Majira Starberrry on Youtube.