BSB – Podcast

Mp3 link to podcast:

This is a podcast I made a 2 years ago. It features some of my friends that I’ve know between 4 and 8 years. The people featured in the podcast are Storme, Fuzzy, Rae, George and myself. It was an experimental thing we did that did not end up taking off very well due to us all having a very hard time getting together on a regular basis to do the podcast due to our schedules not meshing. We were originally going to do 2 funny 1 serious but we decided to keep it light hearted and do 3 funny topics. The 3 things we ended up talking about were, describing your sex-life with a videogame tittle, sponge bob quotes and finally PVP derps. PVP derps is related to a popular video called “World of warcraft” it’s not something everyone’s going to fully understand but it was something that we all had in common and experience with. PVP is related to the Player v.s Player aspect of the game and derps is referring to the stupid moments we’ve had while playing.